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Clients defend former veterinarian

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Former clients of Elisa Kirkpatrick are coming out to support their veterinarian and friend. 

Despite having over 60 animals seized from her home in Creal Springs, Illinois, last weekend and practicing on a suspended license, these clients are still adamant that the public is not getting a clear picture. 

“She has given us reduced rates, sometimes doing things for free just because she knew we had no other way,” Erin Cupp said. Cupp has been taking animals to Kirkpatrick for over a decade.

She says Kirkpatrick has just fallen on hard times. 

“Her clinic was always immaculate,” she said. 

And the praises continue. Charles Klayman says he would still take his cat, Mischief, there. 

“I wasn't just satisfied. I was surprised with the level of compassion and care that she provided it seem like she with the services that she provided were outstanding,” Klayman.

No arrest or charges have been made at this time, according to the Williamson County Sheriff's office.

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