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NBC’s Dateline Tests Kids On Stranger Danger – With A Twist

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The franchise name tells it all: “My Kid Would Never Do That.” It's a series of stories running every Sunday in June on NBC'S Dateline tackling stranger danger, gun safety, cyberbullying and other topics important to all parents.

Three years ago, Natalie Morales put children – including her own son – to the test. She's back and armed with hidden cameras and an actor posing as a contractor. Children are introduced while he's in their home pretending to give an estimate, and the question then arises: will that one meeting be enough for them to let their guard down?

“Will they, when they see him on the street, help him?” Morales says. “Or if he comes back to the home, will they actually open up the door for him and let him into the house? It's a real difficult test but that's the challenge that kids face these days.”

“My Kid Would Never Do That” returns to Dateline this Sunday at 7:00 pm on WPSD Local 6.

If you'd like to see the entire interview between Morales and Mike Mallory of WPSD Local 6, click play on the video above.

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