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Police urging people to lock car doors due to increase of thefts

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CADIZ, Ky - Police in Cadiz are urging people to lock their car doors after receiving multiple reports of thefts from vehicles in the past week.

The Cadiz Police Department says that five cases have been reported and several more have been found posted to social media.

Major duncan Wiggins told Local 6  they need to hear from victims. "We are trying to let the public know that talking about the theft on social media is obviously acceptable, but it doesn't do us a lot of good as far as reporting goes," he said.  Reva Anderson, Owner of Reva's Place, said she hadn't heard about the crimes, but will take more time to lock up. She admits she's not very consistent. 

Police say there are a few steps you can take to keep criminals from targeting your car.
- Lock your car when it is parked.
- Don't leave any valuable in plain sight.
- Try to park in a well-lit area.
- Report any suspicious people gathering in driveways, in front of homes, or looking into vehicles.

Police are also asking that victims of the thefts to report the crime to the police department. They say that they can't catch suspects if they don't know where to look or where to increase patrols.

You can reach the Cadiz Police Department at (270) 522-8888.
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