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Next step of local cancer prevention study

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Who gets cancer in our region and why? It's a question some of us volunteered to answer by being part of the American Cancer Society's Cancer Prevention Study three years ago.

We signed up at various hospitals across the region. We provided blood samples, had our waists measured and answered questions about our lifestyles.

We promised to be part of the 20 year study that's looking to find out what causes cancer in our region and why.

It's similar to the big study in the 1960's that determined cigarette smoking causes cancer.

Now, it's time to take the next step. You will be getting your Cancer Prevention Study-3 packets in the mail soon. Don't mistake them for junk mail. Inside is a survey asking things like the medications you're taking, whether you visit the doctor regularly, favorite foods, and very important, whether you've been diagnosed with cancer since you signed up for the project.

The return envelope has prepaid postage so it won't cost you anything.

Remember, it may not help us avoid getting cancer, but it just might help our kids and grand kids.

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