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Man indicted on capital murder charge speaks out

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MCCRACKEN COUNTY, KY - Facing a capital murder charge, Jeffery Conrad wants to tell his side of the story. He faced a judge for the first time this morning after investigators say he shot and killed someone at a storage facility on Monday.

Garlon Casey Cox died of a gunshot wound to the head Monday. The McCracken County Sheriff's Office says Conrad found Cox and a second man, Brandon York, stealing from his storage unit.

Conrad says the shooting was justified. He says he was defending a friend who was with him that storage unit, but he maintains he's innocent of murder.

Conrad says since he fired that shot, he's lived the past couple days in a daze. He says he's scared to death and surprised at the charge because he has "been a law-abiding citizen." Conrad doesn't deny he pulled a gun on Cox at the storage unit. 

"He starts moving toward the truck, and I said 'Don't move, don't move,'" Conrad said. "And he ignores my orders."

He doesn't deny he pulled the trigger, but Conrad says it wasn't murder. He says he moved about six inches and fired a shot, and said "I half expected maybe manslaughter, reckless homicide or something, but murder?"

Conrad says he was defending a female friend who was behind Cox's truck when he put it in reverse. Conrad says he thought she was in danger. "If he (Cox) had driven forward, he'd be alive today. If he had just sat there, he'd be alive today."

Conrad hopes he can prove to a jury he didn't intend to kill. "Of course I'm remorseful," he says. "I hate it."

The friend Conrad says he was defending is not mentioned in the McCracken County Sheriff's Department's report. The sheriff's office says the investigation is ongoing.

Conrad's bond is a $500,000 cash bond. He's asked for a public defender for his preliminary hearing later this month.

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