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Knowing what to pack before you go camping

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PADUCAH - Toasting marshmallows, listening to owls, and watching the moon rise - June is camping month!

It is time to pack the tent or stock the caravan and head out to the countryside.

If you are not an avid camper, here is how to do it right and without all the worry. Mychaela Bruner will help make your trip a little less stressful.

If you are excited to celebrate the start of summer, plan a camping trip.

"First thing I always recommend, let someone know you're going," said William Bell.

Helpful advice from an avid camper and employee at Hooper's Outdoor Center in downtown Paducah.

"I'd rather have it and not need it, then need it and not have it," said Bell.

Bell suggests start with packing a navigation device.

"You definitely need to have something to know where you are... A compass, map, trail guide, anything like that to help you navigate your way through the trail," said Bell.

Do not forget the necessities.

"Always bring an extra pair of socks, in case you have to cross a creek, bring water, always take a first aid kit. If you have to leave something behind, don't leave it behind," said Bell.

Bell's number one recommendation...

"If I had one thing that I had to take with me it would be fire starter. You never know when you'll need a fire, rescue, if you'll be stuck out there for days," said Bell.

Remember, it is about enjoying the trip. Bell says pay attention to nature and enjoy everything out in the wild.

Make sure you are taking precautions to ensure you will have a safe trip.  Do not forget your vaccinations - make sure you and your family are up to date.

Food prep! Pack all of your food in tightly enclosed, waterproof bags. Avoid mosquitoes - bring extra bug repellant.  Drink plenty of water and apply sunscreen frequently.
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