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What the Tech: Bonnaroo using COWs

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MANCHESTER, TN - Bonnaroo attendees may come for the music and the parties, but little do they know that the music festival wouldn't be as great without cows.

To make sure customers at the event can get out, as we say, on our smartphones, AT&T deployed C.O.Ws, which stands for cellular on wheels. 

The trailers are basically mobile cell towers, and they're scattered along the 700 acre farm were Bonnaroo is held. 

Five or six years ago the same number of people were there, but they were mostly making calls, texting and occasionally watching videos. This year it seems everyone is shooting and uploading video, as well as streaming live video.

That's a big deal. especially now, as many of these folks will be trying to upload video or stream the shows live using Periscope or Meerkat apps. Imagine thousands of people doing that at the same time. 

It isn't just here at Bonnaroo, but at football games and other big events. It's more crucial for these wireless carriers to increase their capacity so their customers can do what they want to do.

AT&T uses those mobile cows at big events around the country. Bonnaroo lasts through Sunday in Manchester, Tennessee. 

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