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KSP investigating police action shooting of Nashville man

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Beaver Dam, KY -

At 5:30 Sunday morning Central City Police Officers responded to a shoplifting complaint at the Central City Wal-Mart in Muhlenberg County. As officers arrived, the suspect Jason Nash, 43, of Nashville, Tennessee fled Wal-Mart in a Honda Accord.

Police say Nash drove away traveling eastbound on the Western Kentucky Parkway at speeds near 120 miles per hour. He drove almost 20 miles to the Western Kentucky Travel Plaza in Beaver Dam where he left his car and started running away from officers.

Investigators say Nash climbed on top of a parked semi truck and threatened to shoot the police officers. They say the suspect refused to comply with the verbal commands given by the police officers and then reached for a black object in his waistband.

KSP says a Central City police officer and a Beaver Dam officer feared for their safety and fired their service weapon in response to Nash's actions. Nash, who was struck one time in the abdomen, was still non-compliant. One of the officers used a taser to get Nash to cooperate. 

Police say they found out during the course of the investigation that the black object Nash attempted to retrieve from his waistband was a cell phone cover.

The suspect was transported to Owensboro Regional Heath Hospital where he is being treated with non-life threatening injuries. His charges include fugitive from justice-robbery/assault, fleeing police 1st-degree, and receiving stolen property over $1,000, and wanton endangerment 1st degree.

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