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Hospital renovations to provide security, expand health care

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A local hospital is spending millions on upgrades to provide a safe, healthy environment and become HIPPA compliant.

The 60-year-old Franklin Hospital admittedly has its fair share of warts, but Chief Operating Officer Mike Budnick says that's going to change with a large scale face lift.

"A lot of our facility infrastructure here has reached the end of its useful life, and we need to upgrade it, and improve it, and not do it in a wasteful manner," Budnick said.

Targeted for renovation is the hospital's emergency room, which Business Development Officer Derek Johnson says doesn't meet HIPPA standards.

"When you walk into our emergency room, you're right at the nurses station where there's a couple of nurses and a doctor,” Johnson said. “If you're in a patient's room you can hear everything going on at the nurses station. The way it will be reconfigured, the nurses station will be enclosed."

In addition to upgrading security, the expansion will create space for a pharmacy, upgraded equipment, and a new nuclear medicine program.

"We're working hard to stay current,” Budnick said. “We don't want to be trying to keep up with the Jones's but that's what our patients expect when they go other places. So, we need to be able to offer them the same type of service in a quality manner here."

At this time, the redevelopment is scheduled to start in spring of 2016 and be open by the spring of 2018.

The Illinois Department of Health has 60 days to approve the $8.2 million project, which will be financed through U.S. Department of Agriculture loans.

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