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Meet the Artists event to be held on Thursday in Paducah

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PADUCAH, Ky - Those interested in art have a chance to meet local artists on Thursday.

Paducah Main Street is hosting a Meet the Artists event at the old Coca-Cola plant Thursday, June 18.

Artist Tracey Buchanon is one of 53 people participating in the Meet the Artists event. She says the excitement surrounding it is growing.

“I've never heard that happen,” Buchanon said. “We are all coming together in one place. It's a new event, and when we all get together there's so much energy,” Buchanon said.

The building's owner, Edward Musselman, says he'd like this event to spark an interest to house local artwork on the second floor. 

“I want to bring new experiences to Paducah, but also showcase and embrace what is already great about Paducah,” Musselman said.

He wants it to be a constantly changing artist cooperative that exposes more people to art in midtown, and to show it in a manner that is not intimidating to buyers.

“We want to be presenting it in a manner that hopefully helps synergize with downtown, the rest of Midtown, Lowertown, and just really bring everything together,” he said.

It is an idea Buchanon says could really stir-up creativity in the community.

"When we all cooperate together we have much more inclusiveness, and arts are inclusive,” she said. “ It's not an exclusive business that we're in."

The hope is Thursday's event will encourage artists to showcase their art in the old Coca-Cola plant permanently.

“This is exciting, to see everyone's talent in one spot,” Buchanon said. “It's a place where Paducah can come and be proud of the talent that we have right here in town."

Her sentiments are echoed by Musselman.

“I really believe in taking samplings of the great offerings of downtown and Lowertown and getting them here in a marketable fashion, where tourists and community members alike can really see what else they need to see about Paducah,” he said.

Paducah Main Street is hosting the Meet the Artists event from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday.
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