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Question 1:  What exactly does Mr. Sandless do?
                Answer 1: We use a specialized high speed floor machine, an assortment of different abrasives pads, and a non-toxic wet solution to prepare your floor for finishing.  Anything that comes off of the floor stays contained in the solution!  That is why there nothing to clean up when we are finished.  Then we seal your floor with our own brand sealer and top coats.  Our finish dries in less than one hour so we can literally seal your floor with multiples coats in just a few hours.  This is why our floors look so good and last so long!  Then you can walk right on your floor and put furniture down as soon as we are finished.

Question 2: What kind of finish do you use?

                 Answer 2:  Mr. Sandless starts with our commercial grade sealer followed by top coats of our finish that is a space-age polymer and urethane combination.  It is a one-of-a-kind hybrid finish with a macromolecular repetitive structure for strength and durability.  The solutions we use have more than a decade of research and development behind them so that we can offer our customers the finest products available anywhere.  Our finish is 100% proprietary and not available outside of the Mr. Sandless system.

Question 3:  How long does it last?

                Answer 3:. We guarantee that our finish will adhere to your floor.  We have a five year warranty that our finish will not peel, crack, chip, or yellow.  There are many variables that go into determining durability, but with proper care, a floor finished by Mr. Sandless will last for many years.

Question 4: How long does it take?

Answer 4: There are a few factors that influence the amount of time we spend.  Moving an replacing furniture, the number of rooms we will be servicing, and how high the humidity is, will add time to the curing process.  But generally speaking, we can be in and out of your home or business in less than eight hours.  For a more specific time, just gives us a call!  We'll be more than happy to discuss the details of your floor with you!

Question 5: How much does it cost?

Answer 5: Our sandless process is quoted by the room and not by the square footage.  Quotes are free and many can be completed over the phone.  The sandless service is more affordable than traditional sanding.


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