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Family looking for clues in cemetery vandalism

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MCCRACKEN COUNTY, KY - At the St. John's Cemetery, Steve Gordon pulls away the weeds under the headstone etched in memory of the 5-month-old boy it was built to honor.  

However, he can't wipe away the 10 years of hurt he says he and his wife have experienced finding disfigured figurines, all concrete rabbits, stolen, destroyed, and dumped in nearby woods.

"It's nonsense. Why would you mess with a baby's grave? Much less anyone else's?" Gordon asked.

The rabbits symbolize Easter. Chris Cruse died three weeks before the holiday. Gordon said the vandalism started in 2005 and has continued near the anniversaries of his birth and death. 

"In my eyes, the baby is not resting," Gordon said. "I mean, you're supposed to be able to rest in peace after you're gone, and so is the rest of the family."

McCracken County detectives have investigated other cemetery vandalism cases, mostly for theft of copper. None of those cases have been reported at St. John's, so detectives believe the family was deliberately singled out.

"It would appear to be more of an attempt to just cause a nuisance to the family," said McCracken County Detective Matt Carter.

He opened the case this week and is investigating every lead. "We ask that the public put themselves in this situation. It's a bad situation and a set of circumstances to begin with," Carter told Local 6.

Gordon just wants his family to be left alone because the graveside damage is now affecting his other kids. "They don't even want to come out here because they are afraid," he said.

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