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How to save money as a wedding guest

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Is there a wedding on your summer calendar?  Millions will watch a friend or family member walk down the aisle this year, but before you RSVP, make sure you know what it is going to cost you.

Nearly 79 million of us will attend at least one wedding this year.  According to American Express, you will spend an average of $673 just to be a guest.

Personal finance expert Andrea Woroch said think about how much it is going to cost you before saying yes.      

"When it comes to attending a wedding you have to look at your budget and your finances.  If you have a lot of weddings to attend this season, you might consider saying no to a few," said Woroch.

It will be more expensive to go this year than last. Prices for hotel rooms, food and new clothes have all gone up, but it is your airline ticket that could break the bank.

"If you have to travel to a far destination especially considering that most weddings happen during the summer, during peak travel time you really want to prepare in advance to find the best rates on those travel costs," said Woroch.

If you are in the wedding party, or attending any of the pre-wedding festivities, plan to spend about $700 more on average.

"If you are traveling and you're paying for airfare or hotel or gas to get to a far away destination, you might spend less on the gift then.  So, don't feel like you have to break your budget, spend what you can afford," said Woroch.

Some other tips: compare items on the registry list, look for discounted gift cards and coupon codes online, split the cost of a gift with someone else and do not assume the group rate at the hotel is the best deal you can get.
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