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Recovering stolen items from storage unit break-ins

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MARSHALL COUNTY, KY - Burglary victims could soon be reunited with their stuff. The Marshall County Sheriff's Office suspects Brandon York is responsible for stealing hundreds of items.

York also faces charges in McCracken County after a botched burglary at a Reidland storage unit. Jeffery Conrad faces murder charges from the same burglary at the Reidland unit. Conrad is accused of killing burglary suspect Garlon Casey Cox during the incident. Recovering and returning the stolen items is only the beginning.

Jim Conn owned Multi-Storage Systems in Benton. Conn says unfortunately theft and break-ins are just part of the risk of storage units. He says it's important to maintain security and surveillance, and "If you own a storage building, mini storage especially, someone will break into a unit."

Ironically, Marshall County Sheriff Kevin Byars says the stolen items were found in Brandon York's storage unit. Byars says after months of investigation, it took only three hours to recover everything. Byars says they filled two trailer loads and a pick-up truck bed full of items. For security reasons, the sheriff's office is withholding information on what types of items they've recovered because they're in the process of cataloging them all.

Byars says they've suspected York and Cox for months, and it will be a relief to return items to their rightful owners. "It wasn't something that was fly by night," he says. "It was well thought out."

Byars says bringing closure to a lengthy case may only be the beginning to a bigger investigation. He says, "They were suspected out of state as well on a couple others, so it's quite large...Quite large," he says.

Byars says they do have warrants for York, but it's a long process to sort the stolen items and match them up with police reports.

The sheriff's office will hold an open house next week to help return items to their rightful owners. Anyone who wants to recover an item should have a police report and any proof of ownership with them at the event.

The open house dates will be Thursday, June 25, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Friday, June 26, from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Marshall County Judicial Building at 80 Judicial Drive in Benton, Kentucky.
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