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Debate on school uniforms comes to McCracken County

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School uniforms are a highly debated topic throughout the country, and the debate is happening in McCracken County too. 

A discussion on uniforms began at a McCracken County Public Schools Board of Education work session Wednesday, but the discussion is still in its infancy. No decision has been made, and forums are expected to be held for members of the public to voice their opinions soon.

Jennifer Villarreal is a licensed professional clinical counselor who has been working with children for 10 years. She says there are two sides to the argument. “It helps education, grades, reduces distractions so the kids can focus more on school instead of what they're wearing,” she said.

With pros considered, Villarreal says it should still be a well thought-out plan. There could be emotional consequences for students with mental impairments. She says no study gives an absolute answer on whether uniforms are a good idea. “Each school has to decide what's best for their school,” she said.

The St. Mary School System has had a uniform policy since 1988. St. Mary School System Director Eleanor Spry, who was in the public school system for more than three decades, says they're great. 

“What we're doing is preparing students to understand the difference between just a causal day and coming to complete a job,” Spry said about why uniforms are used at St. Mary. 

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