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I Am Local 6: The Happy Hookers crochet club

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Sharon, TN - It's not very quiet in the Sharon Public Library. Nestled in the back corner, among the books, is a gathering of The Happy Hookers.

"We wanted to do something to draw attention so people would come to learn," co-founding member Marica Ford said.

From beginners like Carrie Peevyhouse, whose first project was a scrunchie, to the veterans, the ladies have the talent for crocheting.

"I make afghans. I make doilies, baby blankets, baby booties and hats," member Tammy Hayes said.

The Happy Hookers started with four members. They've increased their membership to 12.  Even though they all crochet together, one thing makes them each unique.

"Everybody holds their hook differently. Everybody knows something different, and we all can help each other," Ford said.

Marcia Ford started the Happy Hookers two years ago, and once a week the ladies get together to laugh, learn and do something they love, but don't keep.

"I love giving it to people. Matter of fact, I probably can't show you much in my house because I give it to people," Hayes said.

The Happy Hookers are happy, and they use hooks to spread their love of crocheting.

If you would like to get involved, you can visit the Sharon Public Library Facebook page.

You may contact Tori Shaw via email tshaw@wpsdlocal6.com, Facebook facebook.com/torishawofficial or Twitter @TShawWPSD

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