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After Charleston shooting, race discussed at Paducah church

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PADUCAH, Ky. - Members of Burks Chapel AME Church in Paducah spent Wednesday night talking about race relations following the deadly shooting at the Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

Pastor Babydoll Kennedy said the country is not making proper strides.

"The need for this is so that people can understand that racism is alive and well," she told Local 6.

She organized the discussion on race to get the pulse from her members about what they felt after hearing that nine people were shot to death during Bible study.

"How did we get to this point? We shouldn't be at this point," an attendee said. 

"All I could think is how evil exists," another person said.

"If we don't come together, and start having these dialogues, and start challenging each other, stuff like this is going to become commonplace," Kennedy said.

Beth Khadem sat in on the discussion. She helped organize to have the movie "Racial Taboo" shown in Paducah.  She said sitting down and talking about race is the first step in breaking down walls. 

"This is what changes culture as we get to know each other and begin to develop what we hope will be true and lasting friendship," Khadem said.

Kennedy said these discussions are even more important for children, regardless of race or nationality. "Don't let the actions of one individual cause you to paint an entire group," she said.

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