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Distillery explosion survivor overwhelmed by support

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Jay Rogers says for a guy who only had a 5 percent chance of survival, his recliner is feeling pretty good right now.

WPSD Local 6 Chief Photographer Mike Spissinger spoke with Rogers by phone Wednesday night after Rogers returned home. Rogers was severely injured and burned when the Silver Trail Distillery in Marshall County exploded April 24. The incident killed his co-worker Kyle Rogers.

Rogers told Spissinger he counts his dog and his mother's cooking among the things he missed most during his time in treatment away from home. His girlfriend, now fiancée, was by his side and showed tremendous amounts of support over the last nine weeks. Rogers said he proposed twice to his girlfriend, once in the Intensive Care Unit and the other when he got out.

His mother's home-style cooking will work in Rogers' favor because his doctors told him high calorie, high protein meals help in skin regeneration and recovery.

Rogers expressed his sincere appreciation for all the support he's received since the incident and during his recovery. He said he's been contacted by family, friends, even strangers, from as far away as Japan and China. Support and an outpouring of love, he said, renews his faith in humanity.

A tough lesson in patience is something Rogers said he's walked away with following the incident. He told Spissinger that he looks forward to getting better and helping to rebuild the Silver Trail Distillery.

Rogers starts physical therapy locally on Monday.

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