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Spread of 'denial of service' internet attacks

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PADUCAH, Ky - Frustrating internet outages. They can cost more than your precious Facebook browsing time. Local 6 was affected by some widespread Internet outages Monday and Tuesday. 

It's called a "denial of service attack," and its more widespread than you might think. This is a live map of all the attacks in the world. Hackers essentially choose an Internet address or provider to flood with information, making it impossible to function.

Willie Kerns with Smartpath Technologies says these attacks can mean more than no internet.

"A single denial of service attack can cost an organization somewhere up to hundreds of thousands of dollars sometimes," Kerns says.

But how do you protect your business, webpage, or personal information from a takeover? Kerns says it's not a simple fix once the attack happens. Good firewall protection can help, but you should also check with your provider to see if they have established Internet communication to those "hostile" internet countries.

Kerns says once you experience a denial of service attack, it's a short-lived hack. "Generally, these last for short periods of time," he says. "You could say their interest isn't piqued for very long."

Kerns says these attacks are not just limited to internet professionals. He says even young students can create these hacks.

Kerns says while information can be at risk with these hacks, they're primarily used as a form of protest.
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