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Local fishery hopes Kentucky white fish will take off

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Kentucky white is a term that Two Rivers Fisheries, Inc. in Wickliffe is using to market Asian Carp in the United States.

Their marketing campaign began in Paducah Friday at the Flying Dragon restaurant. This is the first time many tasted the carp.  

Angie Yu says this venture has already begun in New York and California. “If people eat more, we will have more fish. We can create more jobs for our factory and also our fishermen,” Yu said. She is encouraging domestic participation, especially in Kentucky. “I want it to be as popular as Kentucky Fried Chicken,” she added.

The owner of the Flying Dragon, Meiyu Honey, says she would buy the fish if the customers like it. Employees of the restaurant say the general’s chicken is currently the most popular item on the menu. Yu hopes that menu will soon have an addition.

Ed Geurnsey and his wife say they would never have eaten Asian carp before they tried it Friday. They came to have lo mien, a dish they’re already familiar and comfortable with. “It’s amazing how tasty it really is,” said Guernsey.

Yu hopes the stigmas about eating Asian carp will soon be replaced by pride in Kentucky white fish. 

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