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Flash flooding forces Paducah motel to evacuate

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People in Paducah woke up Tuesday morning to a lot of water after more than five inches of rain fell in some areas over a short time. It created chaos in a lot of neighborhoods and on Hinkleville Road, even causing a motel to evacuate.

Flash flooding gave guests at the Days Inn Paducah an early morning wake up call.

"Lightning and thunder woke me up, and when I got up there was about 10 inches of water on the floor," Days Inn guest George Bates said.

Others got phone calls alerting them the motel was flooding.

"Here we are sleeping, and we got kids. You know, anything could have happened," guest April Doss said.

Then there was a rush to to move their cars, with some vehicles partially submerged in water.

McCracken County Emergency Management Director Jerome Mansfield said a crew is working to get business in the area back to usual.

"We're still surveying business and homes and apartments of all residents to see who might be affected by the flood waters," Mansfield said. "Everyone should be on alert. We're still on flash flood alert for this afternoon."

Everyone staying on the first floor of the motel was moved to the second floor. Staff members are still working to find out the cost of damages.

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