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Think twice before dropping the kids off alone at the library

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It’s the last weeks of summer break for local kids, and parents may have plans to take them to the library.

Avis Harris brought her 2-year-old granddaughter Kaliyah Reese to the library Tuesday to celebrate her birthday and watch the Market House Theatre perform “Three Little Kittens.” 

“She likes the whole library, all the books, all the computers, the shows, everything. She loves it,” Harris said.

Many libraries in our area are concerned about your child’s safety. Although it can be a pretty safe and fun learning environment, anyone can enter the building. A sign at the McCracken County Public Library going from the first floor, known as the adult services flood, to the second floor, known as youth services, alerts that the second floor bans sex offenders. However, that isn’t fool proof.

“I would like to think it is but, truthfully, it's a public building, and it's not that safe,” said Julie Hart, director of the library.

Harris isn’t taking any risks. She says her granddaughter and her 12-year-old nephew Christopher are too young and need her supervision. “The people who work here are not babysitters,” she said.

Although Hart thinks the library should be your number one summer destination for kids because it’s free, she does not think it’s a good idea to leave anyone under the age of 12 alone. “Kids bump into things. We have accidents from time to time, and we start looking for parents who aren't here. That's a problem,” she says.

Todd Jones, assistant county attorney for McCracken County, says if you just drop-off your child and leave them at the library for hours against the library’s policy, you could face criminal charges. 

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