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Back to school: 6 ways to save

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With only a few days left before the start of school, parents are hitting the shopping isles. Moms like Laurie Beasley. She’s getting her son Ian ready for the 3rd grade. She said she knew this day was coming and doesn’t dread the expense as much as some probably do because she just has one child.

“I always look for off-brand things. I rarely buy name brand,” Beasley said. That’s the only saving strategy she uses.

Alisha Hedge, a mother of three and a 5th grade teacher of 10 years, knows how to catch a bargain. Her son Jacob will be going into the 4th grade and daughter Hannah will be going into 2nd grade.  Not only does Hedge buy for her two school-aged children, but she also buys extra for students in her classes that are in need. “I go the extra mile.  It’s for the greater good,” Hedge said. 

She shares many ways to save for moms who are trying not to go over budget.

Hedge says this year will be no sweat for her financially. “Is your kid's backpack in shape, why buy a new one? Jacob's shoes are the same ones he wore last year. Hannah, had to buy new ones,” Hedge added.

She also stock piles things when she catches a bargain. “Right now you'll buy a box of 24 count Crayola crayons for 50 cents. At Christmas time you're going to be paying a $1.97 or $1.50.”

Hedge’s 6 Ways to Save:

  1. Price Match
  2. Coupons
  3. Online Shopping
  4. Inventory Kid’s Old Stuff
  5. Stock-Pile
  6. Tax-Free Weekend

Tax-free weekend for Tennessee and Missouri is August 7th-9th

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