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Kentucky governor candidates spar at Fancy Farm Picnic

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They are two different candidates with two different Fancy Farm speeches.  Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jack Conway used his five minutes at the podium to separate himself from Republican candidate Matt Bevin and he did so by talking about how Bevin was first received in his own party.

"They called him an east coast con man.  They called him a pathological liar.  They said if Matt Bevin became governor, his only agenda would be the commissioning of his own portrait," Conway said. 

Conway then took a jab at what he said were lies from Bevin over the years, including his educational background.  Conway also took a shot at Bevin for not releasing his tax returns - a common bipartisan tradition of disclosure for anyone seeking office.

"Here's the truth. When someone like Matt Bevin lies to us about the big things and the small things, we can't trust Matt Bevin to look out for us," he told us. 

Bevin, in turn, took a more serious approach in his speech.  He pressed for unity  "If you look at our Kentucky state motto, it says 'United We Stand, Divided We Fall.'  When we are divided we are falling," Bevin said.      

He brought up the state's healthcare exchange program and state pension funded programs, but didn't offer specifics on how to fix them.  Instead, he tried rallying members of both parties to not dwell on the differences.

"East, west, rural, urban, black, white, young, old, rich and poor, Democrat, Republican, independent alike.  We are Kentucky. This is our home. This affects every man, woman and child in our state," he told Fancy Farm goers.   

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