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Kentucky Avenue construction causes patients to miss appointments

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Drivers say construction on a busy local street is stopping them from getting where they need to be. The construction goes along Kentucky Avenue in Paducah from 23rd Street to Walter Jetton.

One doctor's office on 20th Street is right in the middle of the construction. Patients there tell us they can't get to their appointments.

"It's when that gets blocked off, anywhere along there, that people get confused," Dr. Steven Stivers said.

Stivers is one of the only podiatrists in Paducah. He helps many people who have a hard time walking, some even in wheel chairs.

"I have lost a few patients every week that just gave up on trying to get here," Stivers said.

This construction is confusing patients like Rajean Watson. 

"Not knowing which direction to go or what's correct for you to do is difficult," Watson said.

Some patients have to step down about a foot or more if they're parking across the street from the office, then walk across a torn up road. Some have had to park down another street and walk to the office.

"I'm worried they're going to trip and fall. It's too far of a distance to walk," Stivers said.

The state contracted Harper Construction for the project. Co-owner Jesse Wiggins says things will get better.

"We're right on track," Wiggins said.

Wiggins asks people traveling through town to take another road, but Doctor Stivers' patients will be let past the road block on 19th Street.

"If you do go around a barricade, use extreme caution," Wiggins said.

For now, Stivers and his patients wait for it to be over.

The road will be closed in both directions from 19th to 21st streets until construction on a gas line finishes up, which is expected to be in the next day or so.

The entire project is expected to be complete in mid-December.

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