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What the Tech: Windows 10 Hoax

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If you use a Windows PC you're in for a whole new experience. Windows 10 rolling out, and if you're still using Windows 7 you're in for a shock.

"They're going to love Windows 10"

The last time we heard that, Windows had just released that awful Windows 8. The one that yanked the start menu and put all of those tiles on our screen.

Windows 10, though, blends the best of both worlds.

"You're getting the start menu back, but you're also getting some of the new features with the tiles from windows 8," Best Buy Geek Squad agent Izzy Tovar says.

 Live tiles represent the programs you use most often —photos, weather and e-mail.

"You can move them around, so if you're opening multiple tiles you can change them around in your start menu," Tovar says.

The search bar is new. Windows now has a Siri counterpart named Cortana.

Type what you're looking for or just ask, and the search goes across your computer at documents, videos, and photos, but it also searches the Internet.

Another big change...

"Gone is internet explorer, which is replaced now by the new Microsoft Edge," Tovar says.

However, there are some hackers hoping you'll get anxious enough for the update to follow an email link promising to update to Windows 10 right away.

The scam looks like a blue screen offering to upgrade for free. The security team at Cisco discovered it to be a link to Ransomware. All the files get encrypted by Cryptolocker, and you'll have to either pay the ransom of a few hundred dollars or lose everything on your computer.

The only safe way to get Windows 10 is to reserve it on the Microsoft site and wait for the notification from Windows. And if you use Windows 7 or 8, the upgrade is free.

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