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Graves County group pushing for packaged alcohol sales

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Each of the 1,500 signatures already gathered by Chelsea Riley represent a vote for positive change.

"I got a lot of signatures. A lot of support," Riley told Local 6.

Riley is part of the Facebook group Vote Graves County Wet 2015. She wants a special election to allow for packaged alcohol sales in the county.

"The sale of alcoholic beverages and the taxes on it does bring in a lot of money," Riley said of the potential generated revenue. 

Riley said there is also an effort within city limits to do the same. In 2003 city voters approved the sale of alcohol by the glass. County Clerk Barry Kennemore said any special election won't be cheap. It could cost more than $50,000. The state does not allow for special elections to be on the same day as a primary or general election.

"Our legislators need to step up and change that and put it on a regular election," Barry Kennemore said. 

Riley has almost half of the 3,200 signatures needed. She started the petition drive the weekend of the Fancy Farm Picnic and plans to go door to door this weekend.

The last special election for packaged alcohol sales was in 1983, and Riley said it is time again to let the voters decide. 

"I think we can do it," Riley said.

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