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IDOT, drivers prepare for I-24 bridge work

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You may want to set your alarm a little earlier if you use the I-24 Ohio River Bridge to get to work.

Starting Monday morning at 7AM the Illinois Department of Transportation will shut down one lane in each direction as they begin resurfacing the road.

"I usually avoid the I-24 Bridge anyway because of the traffic on that side,” said driver Tommy Duncan.

Illinois Department of Transportation engineer Doug Helfrich says starting this week you may want to follow Duncan’s lead as crews start patching holes along the east and westbound lanes over the Ohio River.

"We've got some areas that are kind of coming up in the center line so we've got to address that first,” said Helfrich.  “We've got to get the patching done and then we will reevaluate and see if there are any further actions that need to be taken."

Construction on the I-24 Ohio River Bridge is nothing new.

Last June crews finished up a resurfacing job that caused traffic backups over the course of several months.

"They worked on it a couple of years ago and it was shut down for a while there through the winter there so people around here are pretty much used to it at this point,” said Duncan.  “It seems like they're always working on the I-24 Bridge."

With construction scheduled to last 6 to 7 weeks crews are asking that you leave early to arrive at your destination on time.

Helfrich says that IDOT hopes to have bridgework done before Labor Day.

If there are delays with construction IDOT plans to reopen both lanes during the holiday if necessary.

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