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What the Tech: Google Alphabet

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So, Google is re-branding itself, renaming the company "Alphabet," And it's no joke.

The company spelled out the changes, explaining that it's just gotten so big, has its irons in so many fires, that it had to start a new parent company. Google Search is now a subsidiary of a giant umbrella company called Alphabet.

Here's what it'll mean to you:

You'll still use Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Music and Google Photos. We'll still Google ourselves, we'll still use Google Android phones and Google advertising.

What's changing are things like the high speed internet Google Fiber, smart cities, incubator projects like self-driving cars and Google's anti-aging research called Calico.

By the way, did you know Google is trying to extend life expectancy?

Yep. Alphabet is tackling aging. They have researchers working right now to make our lifespans longer. 

On Wall Street, Google's out. The company will be traded as Alphabet by the end of the year. If you own Google stock, you'll get a share of Alphabet for each share of Google.

Google's men in charge said this change will allow the company a better opportunity to grow. 

So what does the Google re-structure mean to people like you and me? Not much, at least not yet. In the future we'll have to get to saying an Alphabet car is driving down Alphabet street.

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