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Cause of crash still unclear

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Five days after a plane crash that claimed the life of a Carterville, Illinois chiropractor and his father, we still don't know the cause.

The plane carrying Erich Snyder and his father, Tommy Snyder, crashed in the Burden Falls wilderness area of the Shawnee National Forest. Hikers found the wreckage Monday. 

After two days at the crash site, the NTSB and FAA have wrapped their investigation but still haven't said what caused the crash.

Friday, workers from the National Forest Service blocked off the area as they began trying to clean up the quarter mile debris field.

Pope County Sheriff Jerry Suits said earlier this week it looked as if the plane simply fell apart.

That's why Mary McCorvie with the U.S. Forest Service says they have to be extremely careful with the cleanup.

"We've got three groups or trail workers out there, so they're kind of packing it down from the actual crash site up to a level area on the ridge top," McCorvie said. "Then, another crew is packing it out in packs, sleds, and buckets, to another trailer up here."

The debris will be taken by truck to the ranger station in Vienna and kept in a secure location until the investigation wraps up. This area of burden falls will remain closed until all debris is cleaned up.

A makeshift memorial for the Snyder family is outside their Carterville business.

Erich Snyder was a licensed chiropractor and well known for the flowers that decorated his downtown storefront. He was active in the local Rotary club, chamber of commerce, and downtown business organization.

Erich Snyder is survived by his wife and son. His business, Carterville Chiropractic, remains closed. Funeral arrangements for him and his father, Tommy Snyder, are not complete at this time. 

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