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Paducah Youth Day combines cultures

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Sometimes it takes integrating different ethnicities at a young age to make a lasting change. That's what leaders at Paducah’s Youth Day Celebration say is the first step to accepting other people's cultures.

Coordinator Caroline Veatch says a leadership camp in Owensboro, KY prompted the teens to create this hopefully annual gathering at Saint Thomas Moore Catholic Church in Paducah, KY.

“We're starting with a bilingual mass and from there we will come over here, and we will have guest speakers and one of the speakers will be talking about the Hispanic Anglo communities and how we can help it come together,” Veatch said.

Coordinator Valeria Vasconez says it's a step in the right direction.

"Right now, we feel a little segregated so we want to integrate everyone together,” Vasconez said.

The goal is to bring the Anglo and Hispanic communities together.

“Once we all are integrated, once we know about each other’s cultures, we can better understand each other and that's our main goal," Vasconez said.

Guest speaker Susana Solorza says things like learning other languages or becoming involved in community service are good ways to expose yourself to other cultures.

“There's a Spanish speaking community and there's an English speaking community, and I think they could find the potential of the bridge that they can be for these two communities and we are seeing it tonight,” Solorza said.

Spending time together in a way Vasconez says she hopes will create more diversity not just within this area, but throughout the country by combining ‘culturas’ or cultures.

The teens say they plan on having a bilingual youth mass every month and invite anyone to attend. 

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