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Illegal dumping still a concern throughout area

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We first reported about the illegal dumping problems in Graves County in January. Seven months later, Local 6's Robert Bradfield returned to find the trash is still there.

"I see paint cans, TV boxes and milk jugs," Andrea Rowe said, looking over a bridge near her home.  

All of the trash, including a bathtub and mattresses, were dumped there illegally and many of it has been there for months.

"It's a concern because we live less than a mile from here, and we breathe all this stuff in," Rowe said. 

Graves County Sheriff Dewayne Redmon said the environmental concerns should be enough to prevent people from dumping illegally. He's found antifreeze in county creeks before.

"Once a creek gets stopped up, it can wash the roads out, and it can be very expensive for the county and state governments," Sheriff Redmon said. 

It's not the mess he wants to see, but said illegal dumping complaints decreased this year. There are still some who do it and are often caught because of what they leave behind.

"Lots of them will have stuff with their name on it — a piece of mail and magazine — and that's how we're able to track them down a lot of times," he said. 

Most of the illegal activity happens at night or when families renovate their homes or move, according to Redmon.

Rowe said laziness shouldn't be an excuse to break the law.  "There's a better way to get rid of your trash then to just dump," she said.    

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