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Gunman's tacklers hailed as heroes

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ARRAS, France (AP) -

One serves in the Air Force, another recently served in Afghanistan in the National Guard, another is studying physical therapy in California - and all three Americans are being hailed as heroes for tackling and disarming a gunman they happened to encounter on a high-speed train between Amsterdam and Paris.
Air Force serviceman Spencer Stone remained hospitalized Saturday after being stabbed in the attack Friday night as the train traveled through Belgium, though the Pentagon said the injury was not life-threatening.
Authorities say a dual French-American citizen was also wounded as he was hit by chance by a gunshot on the train.
A French citizen and a British businessman also helped subdue the gunman.
British businessman Chris Norman says he was working on his computer when he heard a shot and glass breaking.
He said his first reaction was to hide. "Then I heard one guy, an American, say 'go get him,' and another American say 'Don't you do that buddy.'"
Norman told reporters he thought he was probably going to die, and he'd rather die taking action. So he joined the others in taking down the gunman.

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