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Greyhound relocating bus stop in Carbondale

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Greyhound buses will soon have a new home in one local community.

Starting Friday, Greyhound will move its Carbondale stops to the Amtrak station downtown.

The location gives them a more visible stop compared to their old location at an abandoned gas station near the University Mall.

Meghan Cole of Carbondale Main Street says the move provides convenience for travelers.

"Greyhound has had a lot of different locations in Carbondale over the years whether it be a gas station or a random address. To have it incorporated into the same place that the Saluski Express stops, Amtrak stops, is really going to be beneficial to people using those services," said Cole.

Greyhound will make three daily stops in Carbondale, with direct routes to Champaign, Atlanta, and St. Louis.

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