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MSU sorority accepts first student with Down syndrome

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Greek life at Murray State University is thriving again this year. Alpha Sigma Alpha accepted its new sisters today. One sister is garnering more attention than most by changing the way students are involved at the university.

Parents dream their children are successful, happy, and loved. Sometimes seeing them lunch with a loving group is all that's needed to see those dreams become reality. Alexis Cain is the first female student at Murray State accepted into Greek life with Down syndrome. Her sisters refer to her as the girl who's changing Greek life, but Alexis just thought it would be nice to be a part of a sorority.

"I think it's cool they have me as a sister," Cain says.

More than 250 girls started the recruitment week, but when bid time came Alexis was one of 233 who accepted a bid.

Initially nervous about her daughter going Greek, her mom, Camme Cain, says all those nerves disappeared when she saw Alexis with her second family.

"It was heartwarming," the mother says. "It's something you wish every child with a handicap or disability could experience."

Cain's sorority sisters say she's a part of their family —a family that's helped her come into her own light and challenge norms and stigmas across the country.

"The outward appearance and the brand of a sorority doesn't mater," student Sarah Willmore says. "It's the values you hold true."

Cain's love and infectious personality stayed closer to home. A friend of hers, Alli Friedline, says, "I can confidently say she's changed me, and I know she's changed other girls on campus too.

Cain loves music and theater. She says one of the ways her sisters are so supportive is in trying to get Taylor Swift to come to Murray.

Greek life directors say the new member programs begin in the next few weeks, and Cain will be treated the same as the other girls.

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