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Police officer uses pepper spray at 'Solar Bear' party in Carbondale

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The Carbondale Police Department says officers issued more than two dozen citations and used pepper spray at the "Solar Bear" party, a back-to-school party for Southern Illinois University students at an apartment complex, on Saturday.

The police department says crowd estimates were up to 1,000 people at the height of the event.

Police say 27 citations were issued: 19 for underage possession or consumption of alcohol, three for public possession of alcohol, one for public urination, three for resisting a peace officer and one for obstructing identification.

A video posted to Instagram shows an officer spraying party-goers with pepper spray. To watch the video, click here (Warning: the video contains coarse language). 

The police department says during an arrest of an individual who resisted arrest, beer cans and glass bottles of alcohol were thrown at officers from members of the crowd who surrounded the arrest, and the pepper spray was used In response. The department says the spray was used to force the crowd to disperse and so "the person arrested could be safely removed from the area."  

The police department says officers and the suspect arrested weren't injured, and that there were no reports of any bystanders injured during the course of the incident.  

The Southern Illinoisan reports the party was not affiliated with SIU or the apartment complex where the incident happened. 

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