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Calvert City considers airport management

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A possible change may be made to the Kentucky Dam Airport to bring more people into the area. A Kentucky State Parks spokesperson says Calvert City is considering taking over operations and redeveloping the airport.

The airport currently consists of a runway, one taxiway and an airport hangar that could hold five planes.

It isn't the most popular mode of transportation for travelers headed to Marshall County.

"We have folks that fly into Paducah, that fly into Nashville and drive," said Josh Tubbs, the director of Kentucky Lake Economic Development.

Tubbs says with the number of international companies operating sites in Calvert City, an airport that could handle more traffic wouldn't be a bad idea.

"It's something a little extra we can offer and much more convenient for folks visiting our area," Tubbs said.

One city is now looking into this possibility

"Calvert City has expressed interest," said Gil Lawson with Kentucky State Parks.

Lawson says the city has been talking with the state about taking over airport operations under some sort of lease agreement.

"We don't have any written agreement or anything in writing at this time," Lawson said.

The airport is currently run by Kentucky State Parks. Lawson says an expansion is not an option for the state.

"Like most government agencies, we have a limited budget and we're focused on operating our parks," Lawson said.

While no written agreements have been made, the possibility has some feeling hopeful.

"It's exciting. Conversations are being held about getting the airport suitable for that traffic," Tubbs said.

Calvert City Mayor Lynn Jones declined to talk on camera. He says it's too early because no decisions have been made. He did confirm that the city had a special meeting focused on the possibility of redeveloping the airport.

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