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YouTube's new 360 view

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Filmmakers positioned a 360 degree camera on a tour-guided raft through the Grand Canyon. Not only do you see a video going forward, but you can rotate the view all around you.

Look up, down, even behind you for an immersive video experience. 

To see things in 360 degrees, you simply drag the mouse if you're watching on a desktop of laptop computer. But the coolest way to watch them is on a mobile device. 

Holding an iPad, iPhone or Android device, you simply look at what you want to see. The device's accelerometer detects where you're looking.

Brands are jumping on board. Mountain Dew has several 360 degree videos. It calls them virtual reality videos. One features NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. taking you and a few friends on a ride around the Bristol Motor Speedway,

And filmmakers are producing creative motion pictures. A comedy called "Teleportaled" is more fun when you're able to see what the characters are seeing.

It appears YouTube has around 100 virtual reality videos in its 360 degree category.

And with its own category, 360 degree videos are just getting started. New products coming out in the next year will make these videos even more entertaining.

When you watch the videos, make sure you see the one on the roller coaster and sit in a swivel chair. It's awesome.

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