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Paducah woman charged with prescription fraud

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A Paducah woman accused of using her children to get duplicate prescriptions was arrested today, according to the Paducah Police Department.

The police department says a local doctor contacted its prescription drug investigator, Detective John Tolliver, about the woman.

The doctor told Tolliver that 40-year-old Angel Wilkinson was transferring the care of her two children from the Paducah doctor to a doctor in Metropolis, Illinois, and started acting suspiciously about the transfer of her children's medical records. 

The police department says Tolliver learned the two doctors had written prescriptions for the stimulant attention deficit hyperactivity disorder medication Adderal within four days of each other. The prescriptions, police say, were filled at two different pharmacies just a few hours apart. The doctors each said they were unaware of the other's prescriptions. 

A McCracken County grand jury returned an indictment charging Wilkinson with attempting to obtain or obtaining a controlled substance by fraud, false statement or forgery. She was arrested Thursday morning and jailed at McCracken County Regional Jail. 

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