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In support of Kim Davis, Kentucky clerk ends state-wide bike ride in Paducah

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Greeted by applause, Casey Davis ended his journey across the state in downtown Paducah with an upbeat attitude.

"Anytime there is anything worth having, it's worth working for it," Casey Davis told Local 6.

Davis spent the past week on Kentucky roads pedaling forward and pushing his message that those who refuse to issue same-sex marriage licenses are doing nothing wrong.

"It is a disappointing thing when you find out that exercising your first amendment rights suddenly becomes a jailable offense," he said. 

When asked about upholding the oath of the U.S. Constitution, after the Supreme Court's decision, Davis said his religious freedoms prevent him from following their ruling. "The Constitution, when I took that oath, said marriage is between one man and one woman and, by the way, it still says that," Davis said.  

There were a large number of supporters who turned out for Davis, but there were those who also disagreed with him. They said Davis is not following his Christian faith.

"I just think it's a waste of time," said Minister Robert Courtney. He's an advocate for gay rights. He said Davis' efforts are misguided.

"If the county clerk wants to ride across the state on a bicycle for a gay issue, perhaps it should be for the one in four teen youth that are homeless that are LGBT," Courtney said. 

For Davis, his trip on two wheels means one thing. "We have a voice. We have not used our voice long enough, and it's time to rip the tape off our mouths," he said. 

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