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Small campground joins large economic development plan

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As many campgrounds are winding down their season after Labor Day, the Indian Camp Campground in Carlisle County is going full throttle this holiday weekend after the Kentucky Department of Public Health gave them final approval to open to the public.

It may look like a typical camp ground, but for Gene Bolin the Indian Camp Campground is a dream come true.

"It has been kind of an ordeal, but it finally took us two years of hard work, cleaning, and improving, and we finally got it up and running last weekend,” said Bolin.

By partnering with the Kentucky Great River Region Organization, a local tourism agency, Bolin hopes to attract people to his campground for a down home get away.

"The simplest way to put it, it's a redneck paradise,” said Bolin.  “You come out here and you can bird watch, ride the trails, and fish."

Though cell phone service may be limited out here at the Indian Camp Campground, Norma Pruitt says that hasn't stopped people from all over the country from getting off the interstate and gathering around the watering hole.

"We have folks that have come in from Georgia, Tennessee, southern Illinois, and we even had a lady come in this week with two horses," said Pruitt.

By drawing folks off the interstate and onto the Great River Road, Bolin and Pruitt hope to start an economic boom for western Kentucky which has seen its fair share of recent layoffs.


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