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Trade sale extended through weekend to raise money for parks

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Thousands of people showed up on Monday to a three-day trade sale aimed at bringing more people to Graves County parks.

Every Monday, Bernie Williams comes from Alabama to sell produce at Graves County's Trade Day.

"I'm on the road twice a week, going 425 miles south one way and back again," Williams said.

Life on the road isn't cheap.

"Lodging, gasoline, food," Williams listed the costs.

With Trade Day vendors, like Williams, spending this type of money here, Judge-Executive Jesse Perry decided to extend trade day through the entire Labor Day weekend.

"When you bring those folks in and they shop local, they're spending their money here with us, and to me that's what it's all about," Perry said.

Perry says about 500 vendor showed up, selling everything from books to Christmas decorations.

The $10 fee each vendor paid goes to the cost of maintaining the fairgrounds, baseball fields and parks, and paying their employees to do that job.

"If we're going to utilize these facilities there's an upkeep," Perry said.

Perry says keeping these places maintained is part of an effort to hold more events in the county.

"It's turning over tax dollars and spending money in our community by having these events," Perry said.

If the county keeps holding these types of events, Williams says he'll have no problem showing up.

"This is a great area. Nice people, good business," he said.

Perry says 25% of the earnings this weekend were made between Saturday and Sunday. The majority was brought in Monday morning.

Trade Day is held at the Graves County Fairgrounds year-round, every Monday. The county says it will continue holding three-day trade sales on certain holidays. Perry says he's planning the next three day event for Memorial Day.

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