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Daymar College agrees to settlement

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A landmark settlement has been made against Daymar College.

The college will have to pay $12.4 million in cash payments to 13,000 former students.

Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway says some of those students won't have to pay back their debt.

"Daymar is going to forego the collection of an additional $11 million in institutional debt owed by former students whose last day of admission was between July 3, 2006 and July 26, 2012," said Conway.

Conway filed the lawsuit against Daymar in 2012. It claimed the school violated the state's consumer protection act by misrepresenting student's ability to transfer credits, denying access to financial aid to buy book anywhere other than their bookstore, and failing to hire qualified teachers.

Daymar will start sending claim notice packets to all qualified students starting on October 26. If you are one of these students, you must return that packet no later than December 9/

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