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Deer dangers in the Local 6 area

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Illinois drivers are more likely to collide with a deer this year than they were in this past year, according to new claims data from State Farm.

The insurance agency says the odds a driver will hit a deer in Illinois are 1 in 199.

Illinois is ranked 33rd in the country for the most deer collisions.

The national cost per claim average is $4,135, up 6% from last year.

The months a driver is most likely to collide with a deer in Illinois, mostly due to mating and hunting seasons, are October, November, December, and June.

In our Local 6 states, Tennessee is considered a medium risk state with the odds of hitting a deer at 1 in 170.

Both Missouri and Kentucky are high risk states. You odds in Missouri are 1 in 120 and in Kentucky, your odds are 1 in 113.

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