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Baptist Health: Clinical trials now available in Paducah area

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Baptist Health Paducah says clinical trials are now available for patients in the Paducah area through the hospital's Cancer Research Network. 

The Paducah hospital says Baptist Health hospitals in Lexington and Louisville have offered clinical trials through the National Cancer Institute for 23 years. Those two hospitals began working with other Baptist Health cancer centers in 2014 to bring those trails to other communities, including the Paducah area.

The Paducah hospital says the Baptist Health Cancer Research Network offers a variety of Phase II, Phase III and quality of life trials for multiple cancers, including breast, lung and lymphoma.

Baptist Health Paducah says Phase II trials look at effectiveness, safety and potential side effects. Phase III trials continue looking at those areas, but their primary focus is on whether a new treatment is better than the existing standard treatment.  

Around 300 research studies involving more than 2,200 patients are ongoing at Baptist Health hospitals in areas including cardiology, orthopedics, neuroscience, pulmonary conditions, gynecology, nursing and allied health. Baptist Health hospitals have participated in several major clinical trials, including two involving breast cancer.

For more information, you can visit or call 859-260-6369.

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