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Murray State students make diversity pledge

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A student program at Murray State University is taking action after a flyer was vandalized. The program advocates for multicultural students on campus. It now works to stop discrimination by encouraging other students to take a diversity pledge. 

Devante Thomas is one of hundreds of students who have signed this pledge asking students to accept diversity at Murray State.

"It's just making a change on campus one step at a time," Thomas said.

The pledge was started by students in the Emerging Scholars Institute, like Brittana Gilbert. 

"When you go to a new place feeling accepted is important," Gilbert said.

The institute works to make all students feel accepted on campus but, after a recent incident, the program decided it was time to take action. 

The flyers were posted to promote an event where women could try on a hijab —a veil worn by Muslim women. Multiple flyers across campus were vandalized with offensive words written across them.

"They had no agenda, not a political agenda. They were just sharing about how they dress and what it means,"  Director of Diversity Initiatives S.G. Carthell said.

Carthell says Emerging Scholars have placed boards with the four principals of diversity around campus for others to sign.

"We're asking them about these four things, and letting them know that, as an institution, that's what we stand for," Carthell said.

Students hope it sends a strong message.

Students with the Emerging Scholars Institute hope to get 5,000 signatures, or pledges, by the end of the year.

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