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500 Valium found in local park

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A small town police department has a big case on its hands after a person walking their dog found 500 Valium pills in a bag in the city park.

"They found a bag of pills, and they brought it up to our dispatch,” said Zeigler Police Chief Ben Burkhamer. “It has the prescription markings. We were actually able to find that it was Valium."

The bag contained more than 500 Valium pills, which are typically used for treating anxiety and muscle spasms. 

While the pills may look like candy, they could easily kill you.

"If a kid had picked it up, it could have been lethal if they didn't know what they were taking," said Burkhamer.

Chief Burkhamer says it's bad enough to find 500 Valium laying on the ground in a city park. What makes matters worse is that someone may have been brazen enough to deal drugs less than 100 yards from the police department’s back yard.

"Those are felony amounts,” said Burkhamer. “It's about 500 in a bag, so that's not a normal way that a prescription comes in. So we're assuming it was for nefarious purposes."

Because it’s highly unlikely someone will simply claim the pills, the department is asking for your help to identify any suspicious activity in the area.

Typically, the Zeigler Police Department would destroy any type of prescription medicine found.

Because it’s such a large amount, they’re taking the Valium over to the Illinois State Police Drug Task Force to find out if it was possibly stolen from a local pharmacy.

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