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Choosing who to vote for in 2016? There's an app for that

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Voter is kind of like Tinder for politics. Swipe right for things you like, left for things you don't agree with.

The app doesn't take into account your preferred political party. It's a bipartisan app.

What it does is ask questions about your core political and moral beliefs.

You answer yes or no on same-sex marriage, the death penalty, legalization of marijuana and Obamacare. If you'd like a little more information about the question, the app shows what supporters like about it, and what opponents dislike. Sixteen questions in all —swipe left or right.

Once that's done, Voter analyzes the data, compares your opinions with the parties' stances and speeches, then determines whether you align most with Democrats or Republicans and how you agree or disagree on those issues.

Then, it compares your answers with candidates, again, taking into account their speeches and even the groups that make the most donations to their campaign.

Voter is an iPhone only app. Android users, you'll just have to watch the debates.

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