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2015 Barbecue on the River Winners

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2015 Barbecue On the River Winners:

Best Booth

Chicken Backyard:
3rd: Certified Holy Smoke & Brother BBQ
2nd: Downtown Kiwanis Club
1st: Rob Daddy & The Porkers

3rd: Regulators
2nd: Cookies Grill
1st: Smokey D's

Ribs Backyard:
3rd: Ducks BBQ
2nd: Downtown Kiwanis Club & Rib Daddy & The Porkers
1st: Ballard Memorial Baseball

3rd: Buzzard Brothers BBQ
2nd: Q-Krew
1st: West KY Moonswiners

Shoulder Backyard:
3rd: Ozean's Ribs
2nd: Ducks BBQ
1st: Downtown Kuwanis Club

3rd: Smelly Butts BBQ
2nd: Smokey D's
1st: Buzzard Brothers BBQ

Whole Hog Backyard:
3rd: Ozean's BBQ
2nd: River City Rib Ticklers & Friends & Kin
1st: Rib-Tastic

3rd: Regulators
2nd: Smokey D's
1st: Larry, Darrell & Darrell & J-Mack Cookers

Grand Champion (tie):

Regulators BBQ
West KY Moonswiners



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