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A look at Monday night's Kentucky lieutenant governor debate

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Lieutenant governor candidates Democrat Sannie Overly and Republican Jenean Hampton met for the second debate of the campaign season in Louisville Monday night. 

The first question: Why did Overly ask the court to seal her deposition when two of her female staff accused former Rep. John Arnold of sexually harassing them?

Overly said the lawsuit itself reflects a culture in Frankfort that she and Jack Conway will change.

"The way that we do that is make sure that everyone's voice is heard. Everyone has a seat at the table. And have more women running for office in Kentucky" Overly said. 

Hampton cited her experience as a plant manager who listens.

 "In my plant, my employees knew that they can come talk to me about anything at anytime," Hampton said. 

They were also asked about funding for Planned Parenthood.

"We have a state law that says none of our public funds would be used for abortion services. Jack and I are committed in ensuring that continues to be the case." Overly said..

"There is no reason however that public funds should be used for a private corporation. the services that Planned Parenthood provides are available at other clinics," Hampton said.

 Both candidates agreed on the need to expand early child education and returning voting rights to nonviolent criminals.

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